Born on September 10, 2013, on the blue mountains of Bluefield Virginia, Liaison America has grown from a startup company to an international education organization connected to 5 countries through people who want to impact lives and make a change in the world.

LA has been through different seasons. From a successful start and a low pace of growth to stopping its activities... And, now, establishing a new moment in the educational scenario.


The mountains, the trees and the contact with our roots will always be the nature of Liaison America. Its organic beginning is still present in the concept of the customization of our programs. Since our first program, we give much value to the history, folklore, and background of each place we go.


We have been through ups and downs in the last five years and we see this as part of our beautiful climb in this world. No matter how low we go, or how high we go, we are ready to try and to discover what is right after the next hill. The challenges do not stop us and encourage us to try again.


In this new moment when we celebrate life, we introduce for you our new logo which represents our roots, our attitude facing the challenges and our desire to be part of your journey during the different seasons and their meaning for you.


Promote international experiences through customized programs for individuals and groups, according to their specific needs.


Provide personal, cultural and professional enrichment in the life of each participant, helping them to expand their global knowledge and stimulate their sensitivity to different ways of learning and seeing the world.

LA Team

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Sandra Lima Argo

 Director of Programs

"To live, to study and to work abroad were perfect opportunities to learn to have empathy for those who get out of their comfort zone to embrace the unknown.  We, from the LA team, have all been there and we are ready to receive you and to contribute with your international experience in a unique way."

Kelly Queijo

Director of Technology and Innovation

"Liaisons connect people, ideas, and opportunities to learn and grow. Together we are building a culture that connects."

Elisa Dal Molin Machado

Liaison of Programs

"I strongly believe in international education as a transformation tool and, to me, this is the best way to impact people with empathy, humanity, and love. Through international educational people could be encouraged to change the world."

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João Victor Lemes Quintanilha

Liaison of Programs

"To be a Liaison means to connect feelings, knowledge, and people. These connections are unique and crucial for my life and now my commitment is to spread them for other people."

João has been approved in Tufts University with 100% scholarships. He will be working at Liaison America partially during the next 4 years of his new adventure. We wish you the best, João!

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Mônica Pontes

Liaison of Programs

"Working with international education is something inexplicable, it is an incredible experience. I was born with education in my blood and working with global education, with no borders, is even better. Helping to improve people's life day by day is gratifying. Also, giving new opportunities for young teenagers in Brazil and the world."

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Bruna Guedes

High School Team Leader

"Having an international education means to me be evaluated beyond academic success, but instead as a person that developed abilities and skills through their life experiences. Liaison America's programs bring these experiences that are fundamental to form a leader committed with not just Brazil, but with the global community too."

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Helder Duarte

High School Team Leader

"International education goes beyond traveling to another country and learning another language, through international education, we learn values that are crucial to our development as people. Amongst them the main ones are empathy and leadership, through then we can change the wolrd. Liaison America is an important piece in all of this. Our main goal is to connect people, and through that, I learned how to be a leader and I developed empathy and all the knowledge that I learned I want to pass to others so that we can change the world to a better place."

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Nathalia Lima

Graphic Designer

"Studying abroad goes beyond the knowledge you acquire in a classroom. You learn how to be empathetic, to embrace the differences that make us humans and consequently, you learn more about yourself that you ever could. While studying abroad, I developed communication and leadership skills I wouldn't have if I hadn't chosen to get out of my comfort zone and take a risk. An international education is the path to building a better world as you are working on impacting the young lives who will be our future world leaders. "