Teach abroad and engage in educational diplomacy to broaden your skills in cultural and global competencies.

Teaching and leading abroad gives you the opportunity to learn new perspectives on global challenges and brings new insight into the challenges at home. Learning the nuances of another culture enriches and expands the world of the global educator, your new perspectives enrich students’ experiences in the classrooms you design.

Helping students understand global perspectives prepares them to be agents of change.

"My opportunity to work with Liaison America this summer in Brazil was a powerful and rewarding experience both personally and professionally. While I was there, I was fortunate to visit schools, universities and agencies, all of whom are working in powerful ways to improve Brazil’s education system and to provide the very best opportunities for their students. I very much enjoyed working with teachers, school leaders and university faculty as they grapple with issues related to the challenges of 21st Century teaching and learning. During my two weeks of travel with Liaison America, I was especially impressed with the thoughtful organization, commitment and “heart” that the leadership and staff bring to their work providing quality educational opportunities for those they serve in their mission to connect people through meaningful educational experiences. In doing so, Liaison America embodies the very mission of educational diplomacy – connecting the world and building peace through education."

Patricia A. Talbot, Ed.D.

Blue Roads Education Group Founder

Retired Adjunct Faculty at Radford University

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Dr. Egan Green

Faculty at Radford University

Topics taught in Brazil:

+ Wildlife Trafficking

+ Environmental Crime

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David Hite

Faculty at Bluefield College

Topics taught in Brazil:

+ Social Entrepreneurship

+ Business Management


Dr. Brooklyn M. Cole

Faculty at Radford University

Topics taught in Brazil:

+ Assessing Organizational Identification: The Role of Diversity Climate and Diversity Value Beliefs

+ Engaging in Collective Social Entrepreneurship: The Influence of Gender, Environment and Collaboration on the Decision to Scale a Social Enterprise

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Dr. Iain J. Clelland

Chair, Department of Management at Radford University

Topics taught in Brazil:

+ Stepping Towards Sustainable Business: Brazil and its natural resources, America and its cases of success.

+ Managing New Venture Creation: The start-up phenomena


Dr. Danylle R. Kunkel

Faculty at Radford University

Topics taught in Brazil:

+ Intrapreneurship

+ Social Entrepreneurship

+ Corporate Social Responsibility


Dr. Jennifer Clevenger

Faculty at Virginia Tech